The Fast Flower App FAQ


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How do I get the Fast Flower App?

On your smartphone, go to , tap the “get the app” icon in the top right corner and follow the instructions to download the app to your phone.

Once downloaded, the app will appear as in icon on your home screen. Open the app and tap the app menu in the top left, then tap “Login/Sign up” to create an account.

How do I get free delivery with my first app purchase?

Tap “Promo Code” at the bottom of the checkout page and enter “FAST” for free delivery on your first app purchase. Limited to one coupon per customer.

How do I get points?

Simply go shopping! You’ll get 1 point for every dollar you spend using the Fast Flower App. Your point balance is displayed in the top right of the app, or you can view your points balance via the “Loyalty” tab in the app menu.

Please note: points are only applicable to purchases made with the Fast Flower App.
Points are calculated based on the actual dollars spent on product. Delivery, taxes and coupon codes do not accumulate points.

How can I earn extra points?

You’ll receive 100 points for installing the app, plus earn 100 points for each friend you refer that signs up. To refer a friend go to the “Refer a Friend” tab in the app menu.

What are the rewards?

Go to the “Rewards” tab adjacent the products menu to view current rewards. Rewards are subject to change without notice.

How do I verify my identity?

On the checkout page, tap “Verification”, select “Recreational” and tap “Done”. Then tap “ID Scan” and either upload an existing photo or take a new photo. Note the picture does not have to be of you but you will need to complete this step to be able to complete your order.

What if I still have questions?

Please use the contact form on our website for any further inquiries.

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